Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunday Morning Buddhism

On the other end of Sunday...dusk in Little Rock.
Since I've been on the road a lot lately, I haven't much chance to add to the blog, but that does not mean I'm not gathering insight and inspiration for stories. Look for more adventures soon. In the meantime, I'll share this Buddhist-Catholic prayer, written this weekend when the soft glow and quiet of Sunday morning delivered a moment of clarity. 

Sunday Morning Prayer
I don’t know what happens next and that’s okay. 
You tell me. I will write it down. 
I am not giving up, only giving in to the knowledge that all things are possible 
and in that possibility, I cannot possibly know the next step on this path, only that I am on the Right path after so very long. 
I concede to a greater understanding that will be delivered to me when I am ready to clearly see it. 
I know that everything that has transpired has been right, 
and has brought me to this place where I understand so much more than I did yesterday. 
Help me to learn from my experience. 
Keep my eyes open. 
Give me the strength to Act and not React
and do what is required of me and nothing more, nothing less. 
To love beyond all fear. 
To show compassion beyond all self-regard. 
To be in this moment, complete and whole and happy. 
To treat others with respect and love, even when that is difficult. 
To not race ahead to that which I cannot possibly comprehend, because it is Future. 
To know there is a future than is destined for me.
To listen to my teachers and be humbled by all that is honest and good. 
To know that these three most important words: I don’t know, will be a comfort, not a source of anxiety. 
To know that as long as I stay true to my convictions—the truest and most genuine essence of myself—all will be well. 
This is my prayer: Guide my way.

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